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Weekly skate park lessons

Location: Ladybird Skatepark Tilburg
Age: From 8 years old and up 
Level: For beginners & advanced
  • Every Thursday 19:00 – 20:00
Register for these lessons through the contact form.

*** Not on holidays or in certain vacations. If a class is canceled it will be clearly communicated.
The age limit is just an indication, not very strict!***




Send me a message through the contact form for more info!
The price will be around 80€ per hour depending on all your wishes, number of people and the location perhaps.

To talk about more great ideas to organise an awesome party fill in the contactform or contact me on whatsapp:
+316 3471 8896

Recreational classes

Only possible to book as private lessons!

Possible for 1, 2, 3 or 4 people. For prices scroll down.

Private lessons

Possible for all ages. Outside of Tilburg travel costs could be charged.
Private lessons can only be booked on request.
– Private lessons can be booked for recreational or aggressive.
– Recreational lessons can momentarily only be booked as private lessons.
– Private lessons are only possible in the evening or on weekends.
– A private lesson can be booked individually, or with 2, 3 or 4 people. That is a great deal for couples, families or just a group of friends that want to do a cool sportive activity together


More info? Send a message via the contact form or app to:
+31 6 3471 8896

Inline skate lessons for everyone!

Niels On Wheels organizes inline skate lessons and workshops. This can be in private lessons, but also in (small) groups. Another option is for schools or BSO’s to hire Niels on Wheels, for a fun program on wheels. Also for company events or festivals I can organise workshops, demonstrations or other events as you wish.

The lessons and events are suitable for people of all ages and all skill levels. Everybody has different needs and ways of learning so the lessons are always focussed on individual skills as much as possible! Scroll down for more technical and practical info about the lessons.

Feel free to contact me via whatsapp (+316 3471 8896) or send a message through the contact form.

There are two different types of lessons: 

  1. Recreational (fitness): beginners / advanced
  2. Aggressive (skatepark/stunt): beginners / advanced

    The age groups are approximately: 8-18 and 18+


Prices of all lessons:

 – Try out lesson 1 hour: 8€ per hour per person
 – Group lesson: 15€ p/hour per hour per person
 – 3 Group lessons (3 x 1 hour) 45€ per person  
 – 5 Group lessons (5 x 1 hour) 65€ per person    
 – 10 Group lessons (10 x 1 hour): 130€ per person
*** These prices are only for the aggressive lessons in Ladybird Skatepark every thursday evening 19:00 – 20:00



Private lesson: 45€ p/hour per person
Private lesson 2 people: 30€ p/hour per person
Private lesson 3 or 4 people: 20€ p/hour per person
*** Both recreational and aggressive lessons can be booked as private lessons!

*** Prices for schools and companies are depending on your personal wishes and can always be discussed. Please contact me for any information or good ideas ***

You can also pay with the MEEDOENREGELING.

For all your questions or remarks you can contact me on whatsapp (+316 3471 8896) or send me a message with the contact form below.

Questions? Or want to get lessons?


  • Participation in Niels on Wheels classes is entirely at your own risk.
  • Full protection (knee, elbow, wrist and helmet) is mandatory during classes.
  • Niels on Wheels is not responsible for / cannot be held liable for any kind of injuries to the body or damage to property during the lesson.
  • Listen carefully to instructions and follow them. Individual insight and common sense are expected of each participant.
  • Failure to follow rules may result in the skate instructor possibly refusing further participation in lessons.
  • Having fun during lessons is very important! So enjoy wheels on your feet, but stay within your abilities.
    Everyone learns in their own way  😉
  • A lesson can be cancelled only up to 24 hours in advance! Otherwise i will have to charge for the lesson.