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About Niels on Wheels

Hello skaters and fellow roll fanatics!

I’m Niels Bazelmans…
Since 1994 I’ve been inline skating as I bought my first pair of toy inline skates that year. I had already been rollerskating and skateboarding a few years before but when this craze started to take over in the Netherlands I fell completely in love with it!

At first I’d sometimes just skate to school and after school I would play street hockey. Soon enough we started to build little jump ramps with friends from the neighbourhood.

Then one afternoon in the beginning of 1996 I was skating home from a street hockey game and I saw a group of kids jumping with their skates on rails and sliding. I had to learn that!!! So I went to talk to them and that’s how aggressive inline skating began for me. Nowdays i love to skate recreational, freestyle and sometimes I manage to get some tricks done…

For over 25 years inline skating is a great passion in my life and I want to share that passion with you through lessons and education!

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